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We were told to expect the spa in nov of 2021. Mid December 2021 we call to get an update, since nobody called to say the delivery date changed. The person on the phone said it should be in bozeman on the 20th, soonest install was the 27th. (Very irritating and unprofessional that we had to call and inquire about where our tub is) Deliver crew left garbage on site. They need to know more information about the tub. Installation was delayed bc we had the electrical installed to the box like the salesman said (eric). It actually needed installed to the box, then to the middle of the tub length then add 4 more feet of wire for them to connect it to the tub. I've called and left messages, nobody calls back. I've called and asked to have someone come out and show me how to balance the tub again. Said they would call me mon Jan 10th around 1pm. Today is Jan 13th and still no phone call. I've called the office twice now today and nobody has answered. So far we love the spa. But the lack of willing to help and knowledge of product so far is not impressive.
Verified CustomerVerified Katherine & Tyrel (Helena, MT)

The absolute worst customer service I have EVER had. ESPECIALLY considering the amount of money we spent. It took just under one year between ordering and using our new tub. We have been stood up, put off, garbage and boxes left in our yard, promised work never done or not done when we were told it would be, our back yard flooded cuz the serviceman just left and left the hose running in the tub and now that we can finally use it (11 mos later) we sign up for their Valet cleaning service and they have failed to show up even once to do the 1st cleaning which was scheduled almost a month ago. We have called each week (sometimes twice a week) and they promise they will show, put us on the schedule for the next day and still dont show up. They dont call or anything. The office promises they will and they DONT!!!! I am in the process of finding a different company to come clean for us because if i give this business another dime Im gonna puke! I have never seen anything like this...and trust me this is only a very general summary of all the lies, misinformation and BS we have endured just trying to buy a $15K hot tub from them! Unbelievable!
Verified CustomerVerified Christina & Eric (Clancy, MT)

Great people to deal with and smooth installation!
Verified CustomerVerified Ed & Lona

From start to finish the process was enjoyable. In house staff also helpful when I have a question regarding water test values.
Verified CustomerVerified Maggee

We just could not be more pleased with the wonderful customer service, from sales and financing to delivery and terrific training and orientation. Thank you all so much.
Verified CustomerVerified Allan & MP

First we love the tub and everything was taken care of. Issues: The tub delivery was very late which I understand other than I was told it would arrive sooner than it did twice. Knowing we had poor water I paid for water to be brought in and was delivered bad water. They had to come back and change the water a week later. The delivery crew wanted to leave and comeback because the tub was difficult to install. My wife said you need to stay and install the tub so they did. I had sent pictures and explained the entire install requirements. On the original set-up it was left with dirt in the water which was corrected as well. Despite some issues that we should not have needed to worry about Mountain Hot Tub did take care of everything to our satisfaction.
Verified CustomerVerified Kirk (Gallatin Gateway, MT)

Every step of the way Mountain Hot Tub did an amazing job. Friendly and knowledgeable staff made our buying experience painless.
Verified CustomerVerified Patrick & Darcy (Bozeman, MT)

Awesome! Great to work with.
Verified CustomerVerified Kyle and Allison (Bozeman, MT)

I will purchase another spa from Mountain Hot Tub. They stand behind their products and do a good job with service and maintenance. Reputable business! Hard to find these days.
Verified CustomerVerified Sandy (Bozeman, MT)

The service reputation and quality of product selection brought us to Mountain Hot Tub.
Verified CustomerVerified D & S

Great service!
Verified CustomerVerified Buck (Bozeman, MT)

Very courteous, understanding, and knowledgeable. Answer any questions you may have professionally.
Verified CustomerVerified Andrew

It was great working with Bob to purchase our first hot tub. He was very knowledgeable and friendly with a no pressure sale approach.
Verified CustomerVerified Lisa and Bret (Jefferson City, MT)

Horrible, horrible delivery experience. No communication between delivery and sales. First delivery was scheduled without our knowledge. Second attempt, crew lost the hot tub cover en route and salesman neglected to inform us that the electrical connection was required prior to delivery so we ended up having to pay electrician to wait on site while the crew was lost. When the hot tub finally arrived, it could not be set up. And here we are two weeks later with no stairs, no audio system set up. We feel taken advantage of and ripped off.
Verified CustomerVerified Patricia & Brad (Ennis, MT)

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