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Upon purchasing a new hot tub was informed that it could not be set up where our older spa that was removed, due to the 'spot' not being ready for the NEW tub and that the crew would return to make ready and place the new tub. This did not happen and the warranty ran out. We were forced to hire a different crew to set up our still unused spa, which had been stored SAFELY UNDER COVER only to discover a fault in the spa and it was unusable, leaving us with junk that was no longer under warranty and would cost as much to fix as we had spent when purchasing the tub. A guarantee that we will NOT be recommending or purchasing from this company again
Verified CustomerVerified Angi Bromlie & Mark

I love my hot tub. I got great service from Mountain Hot Tub. The delivery team did a great job. There were a few minor issues with the tub after delivery, which were resolved promptly and without issue.
Verified CustomerVerified Greg & Jennifer (Bozeman, MT)

Kelly, Max, Jeff, Jeremiah, Dan and all of the crew we have worked with have been terrific! We had an unusual issue with our previous Envoy that we had loved, and Kelly King stood behind it 100% and secured a replacement tub for us in a very challenging year for logistics with COVID. It has been a joy to us to work with a business in Mountain Hot Tub that is so dedicated to its customers and their enjoyment of their Hotsprings Spa. We highly recommend Mountain Hot Tub to anyone considering purchase of a quality hot tub for their family! Bratton & Kelly DuBose
Verified CustomerVerified Bratton & Kelly (Bozeman, MT)

Mountain Hot Tub sales team Bob was very knowledgeable. It was a no pressure sales experience. Bob gave us great info to help us find the right tub for us. Now we enjoy our nightly soak in our backyard oasis. Thank you, Bob & Dan for the great delivery!
Verified CustomerVerified Deon & Jennifer (Helena, MT)

Great product. Excellent service.
Verified CustomerVerified Diana

Have purchased from you before. Good reputation.
Verified CustomerVerified Chad & Michelle (Bozeman, MT)

Great product and helpful staff.
Verified CustomerVerified Julia (Livingston, MT)

Quality product.
Verified CustomerVerified Dru (Three Forks, MT)

Verified CustomerVerified David & Jill (Bozeman, MT)

I was pleased with the knowledge and communication to support my purchase.
Verified CustomerVerified Amanda M (Bozeman, MT)

Salesperson was courteous, professional. He followed through quickly with all our concerns. Thanks for the fudge! :)
Verified CustomerVerified Laurie & Ron (Bozeman, MT)

I have owned a Hot Springs brand hot tub before and loved it. Brandon and the staff at Mountain Hot Tubs were very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to selecting the tub and referring us to the other contractors required for installation. We are very happy with our new tub and appreciate the follow through with Brandon and the team.
Verified CustomerVerified (BOZEMAN, MT)

Staff is great. Always friendly and very helpful.
Verified CustomerVerified Rob & Christy (Helena, MT)

Hometown people. Good service.
Verified CustomerVerified Susan

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