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Great quality and service.
Verified CustomerVerified Larry & Billie (Lilburn, GA)

I shopped this and by far Atlanta Spa & Leisure holds up their end of the deal. They have been around and will be there when needed.
Verified CustomerVerified Keith (Jefferson, GA)

Great customer service.
Verified CustomerVerified Chuck (Dawsonville, GA)

This review has to do with the Service Technician- DJ. He went out of his way to service my Spa, and was very courteous. Without hesitation, he offered to make a trip back to my house to solve a leaky water problem. I can't tell you how important it was to know that customer service was without a doubt EXCELLENT. I have always appreciated the friendliness and support I receive from the owner Adam to the Staff of Josh and DJ. Exceptional to say the least. Thank you, Diane Zimmerman
Verified CustomerVerified Diane (Lawrenceville, GA)

We love our spa from Atlanta Spa and Leisure! It is a quality product, and our concerns were addressed by the people there.
Verified CustomerVerified James & Connie (Flowery Branch, GA)

Great product selection for a variety of budgets, excellent sales staff and professional delivery. Our backyard access presented some challenges, but they brought in a 4th man in no time and got it done! I could not recommend Adam (owner), Brett (our salesperson), and the delivery crew more.
Verified CustomerVerified Jay (Atlanta, GA)

Purchased an American Whirlpool 460 to replace a 15 yr old Artesian Piper Glen that served us well as our kids were teenagers, as it was a 6-7 person spa with pumps at each seat...the 460 was a downsize (4 person spa) since our kids are gone only my wife and I use a spa. Received a very good price and the haulaway of the old Artesian was included. The 460 uses Thermal Barrier insulation that works well here in the South. It's different in that it does not have a dedicated circ pump for 24/7 use...a feature we had on the Piper Glen that in my view was unnecessary (as we are in the South) but it did make for even temps in the water. The 460 utilizes one of the 2 pumps it has as a heat pump and if you leave the fliter settings to "rest" mode and leave a long gap between the 2 customizable filter settings, the water can come out of the jets fairly cold so far this winter (we've only had the spa for a week). The 2 pumps used are very strong for a 4 person spa and have no issues giving us the hydrotherapy we seek...The 56 brake pumps they use are much stronger than the smaller pumps used on the old Artesian. The lighting system is well thought out, we are still getting used to using diverter valves more on this spa than the old Artesian, which had a pump for every seat that did not require diverter valves for most Artesian models. They are only a minor irritant however, as we simply got spoiled by the bigger Artesian. I do like the steel frame of this spa...I was shocked by the amount of wood rot on the bottom of the old Artesian as it was being removed, and we had it on a deck!...I am convinced that had the old spa not finally died that we were only a few months away from integrity failure, maybe with one of us in it! I researched the spa market extensively for a few months prior to purchase and liked the way the American Whirlpool and Vita spas are made with the recycled blue jeans insulation and the copper reflective material. Overall very pleased with the features of this spa with very good service from Brett and his staff at the Atlanta location...hopefully this spa will last even longer than the 15 years my old spa did!
Verified CustomerVerified Kevin (Lawrenceville, GA)

I have to give Tim a big shout out for walking/talking me through this entire process. Even thought I am a former spa owner, a LOT has changed in the years since I bought one. Without Tim's expertise, I would SURELY have gotten the wrong spa! He was patient and thorough and had a GREAT knowledge base for each spa. Not only that, but Tim even came over to check on the spa, teach me a bit more about it, and give me instructions on how to make the most of this spa. We are SO appreciative of Tim!
Verified CustomerVerified Lawanna St. (Lilburn, GA)

Adam is exceptional and truly dedicated to his customers. Thanks for all you did for us!
Verified CustomerVerified Glenn & Katrina (Gillsville, GA)

I highly recommend Atlanta Spa and Leisure. Tim was very knowledgeable about products and answered all of my questions concerning type, placement and delivery options. The delivery crew took great care in placing my new swim spa and unpacking and getting it ready for me to fill. I love it.
Verified CustomerVerified Janet (Marietta, GA)

From initial contact with salesperson Casey to the top notch delivery team I was thrilled to find a company that delivered on every respect. I could not be happier with the experience. The delivery crew slopped through rain soaked lawn and delivered hot tub to raised deck perfectly! i would highly recommend Atlanta Spa and Leisure to anyone looking for integrity and expertise!
Verified CustomerVerified Jeff (Fayetteville, GA)

Process was easy and quick. Delivery Crew was on time and ready to go. Very helpful by answering questions and giving sound advice on the upkeep of pool. Worked quickly and professionally. Glad to have used Atlanta Spa.
Verified CustomerVerified Kimberly (Conyers, GA)

Great product quality, service, and reputation.
Verified CustomerVerified Randy & Deanna (Stone Mountain, GA)

Great service from Tim!
Verified CustomerVerified

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