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Jim is knowledgeable helpful and pleasant. I bought a soft tub from here about 10 years ago and have been going here for supplies and help since then. I've always gotten good service and called whenever I had an issue. They also have larger hot tubs now and prices are good, service is great.
Verified CustomerVerified Keith

Bought a softub there 16 years ago and it still works like new. Sprung two hose leaks because the plastic hose ends at the pump got hard and split but I just cut them back an inch to the soft stuff, used two new hose clamps for aesthetic reasons and it was good as new. Great product. Chemicals are expensive but a hot tub is a luxury item so I can't complain just like I can't gripe about the cost of owning my Benz. If you want something nice you pay the freight and shut up.
Verified CustomerVerified Lonnie

I wish I could give Ten stars! This is the only hot tub company anyone should consider if they what to get everything right the first time. Thank you for my Swim Spa Coastal Softub.
Verified CustomerVerified Victoria

Friendly and knowledgeable
Verified CustomerVerified Robert

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